Garden & Pool Maintenance

  • Dalyan Property


Summer Period

(15th of April until 20th of October)


?Fertilizing – all plants, grass and trees → once a month

?Pesticide – all plants, grass and trees  twice a month

?Watering – lawn & plants  every other day

?Cutting & mowing – grass  every 6 or 7 days


Winter Period

(20th of October until 15th of April)


?Fertilizing – all plants, grass and trees → once a month

?Cutting & mowing – grass and trees  once a month

?Winter Prep – securing & strengthing all  once a year plants & trees

?Pruning & Trimming of all plants & trees  twice a year



500m2 to 700m2 → 750 GBP per annum 

700m2 to 1100m2  1050 GBP per annum


Summer Period

(10th of May until 20th of October)


?Summer Prep – Pool clean at the start of the summer → Once a year

?Summer Prep – First pool fill and chemical treatment  Once a year

?General pool clean, chemical treatment & test  Every day

?Evening close down  Every day


♦ Note: all chemicals & materials needed are included in this price package


Up to 40m2 → 750 GBP per annum 





Price List for 2015 & 2016

Full clean ( 8 hours ) → 30.00 GBP 

Half day clean ( 4 hours ) → 15.00 GBP