Import from China ? We will do it for you?

Our company deals with import from China at our clients\\' request. \r\nWe deal with everything from A to Z: \r\n- we search for a supplier; \r\n- we check the merchandise in terms of customs and tax; \r\n- we visit factories; \r\n- we control the production; \r\n- we are present during the loading; \r\n- we send the merchandise from China; \r\n- we custom clear the merchandise in Poland; \r\n- we deliver the merchandise from the port to Your warehouse; \r\n \r\n does not only provide the above mentioned services, please visit our website. \r\n \r\nWe have competitive rates, we also work with smaller companies. \r\n \r\nIf you have ever thought about importing from China and you do not know how to go about it or if you import from China and need help at some stage, we are available with our services. \r\n \r\nWrite to us, and we will answer all your questions. It does not cost anything! \r\n \r\nFeel welcome \r\n